Everything is NOW changing 2009-2012 Dec 21st and Beyond

November 7, 2009

This is a blog that will reveal the truth about this planet and the universe that we live in, UFO/E.T Disclosure is now happening, at least 8 countries releasing their X-files to the Public, even the Vatican has released a statement saying that they believe in E.T and they are also from God, only because there trying to cover their  asses.

The Energies on this planet are now changing and your DNA is too, it is slowly growing, as we begin to gain new abilities and understandings of the universe. New discovers each day, Giant Pyramid in Guatemala hidden under the jungle, 32 new earth like planets, Run cars on water, Illuminati controlling everything, Flu and swine Flu vaccine will kill you.

Tell me your on this planet with me!

It is time my friends to wake up and investigate everything.

Disclosure about E.T is just around the corner. We have been in communication, look at our technology, where do you think that came from. The Presidents of the USA only ever new only a little.

We are now entering the 5th Dimension, the vale is thinning, you will begin to see the other beings that are now with us, Flashes of light. You will begin to remember your past, flash backs. Your dreams are now getting interesting are they not, you are being taught, by your masters, angle’s and spirit guides.

Change is here brothers and sisters can you feel it in the air?

Peace love and light


of Sirian Origin through Orion’s belt


Hello world!

November 7, 2009

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